Having Workers In Your Home? 5 Ways A Storage Unit Helps

16 December 2022
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When major work needs to be done in your home, you may have outside contractors and a variety of strangers in your house or apartment for days or weeks on end. If the idea of all these people in your home and around your things makes you uncomfortable, a storage unit can help. How? Here are five things you can do with your unit to reduce stress while your home is being invaded.

1. Remove Some Valuables. If you worry about strangers being around your valuable objects — whether it's cash, jewelry, art, or just expensive furnishings — move them out of the house for the duration. You'll feel better and less concerned with keeping watch on things. 

2. Protect More Fragile Items. You'll obviously need to clear out the main areas which will be remodeled. However, even if you aren't required to empty a room, contractors often recommend removing some fragile items. For instance, you should take things off the walls and protect collectibles that could break from the vibration caused by a roof replacement. The same is often the case for new windows. 

3. Clear the Space Outside. Clear and close access to your home is key for efficient construction work as well as the safety of everyone. Clear the area around your home of things like extra vehicles, outdoor equipment, kids' toys, gardening tools, and even potted plants. But these take up a lot of space, so a storage facility is often the best place to put them. 

4. Set Up Temporary Locations. One of the most difficult things about having a big home construction project is being without some of your daily living spaces. While a storage unit won't replace a kitchen or bathroom, it could help provide a quiet home office or workspace, store the overflow from your walk-in closet, or replace bulk storage while your pantry is being remodeled. 

5. Hide Sensitive Items. There's one more category of belongings you may want to remove from the home: sensitive personal items. This could be anything you'd rather not have the workers stumble across. Whether it's private documents, your Star Wars costume collection, personal items from the bedroom, or plans for world domination, move these out of the house to protect your own privacy. 

Where to Start

How could a nearby storage unit help you manage your upcoming construction work? Whether you want to protect your privacy, clear space for workers, or create an escape from the noise, start by touring a storage facility near you today.