Need To Store Your Street Bike, Motorcycle Or Recreational Vehicle? Find A Climate-Controlled Storage Option Today

24 February 2023
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Living in a small apartment or small home can leave you with limited storage options. If you are looking to store a motorcycle, street bike, or any type of recreational vehicle in the seasons when you don't use it, you want to find a self-storage unit.

Not just any self-storage facility, but one that has temperature-controlled units that you can use. Here are some of the things to consider when picking the best storage option for your needs.

Unit Sizes

You only want to pay for what you are going to use, especially if you are paying for climate-controlled storage. Measure the size of your motorbike or recreational vehicle and request a ground-level unit. You need enough room to pull in, or back in and out.

Value Limit

Some storage facilities will have value limits. This means they don't want anything more than a certain value in one unit at a time. This is to prevent theft and liability concerns. Ask if this is the value that they will cover if there is a natural disaster or another problem, or if this is the absolute limit that they will store.


You will want to get a storage unit for what you are storing. There may be an option through the storage company to get a coverage plan for an extra amount each month. That will come directly out with your lease payment. Another option is calling your current insurance provider for the recreational vehicle or motorcycle and adding it to the current policy it has or taking out a storage policy.


Inquire about security on the phone or online when you are checking out a property, and also look at the security in person. You want to see if there are:

  • Gated entrances
  • Exterior surveillance cameras with 24-hour monitoring
  • Roll locks
  • Magnetic locks

Ask what measures the property owner takes to ensure that the units and property are safe.

Payment Terms

Read the lease thoroughly. You want to go through the payment terms and be sure you know the following:

  • Accepted forms of payment
  • Payment due dates
  • Late payment fees
  • Deposit requirements

You are going to pay more if you want a unit that has a regulated temperature, but this can be best to preserve your stored second vehicle or extracurricular toy.

Call around and compare costs for climate-controlled storage units in your area. See each one you are considering in person, and see if there are any deals for new leasers. This is a fast and easy way to get the safe storage you need.