How To Set Up A Surprise Car Purchase

16 December 2015
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If you have ever seen the social media photographs or the videos of people being surprised with cars, you may wonder how you can pull something like that off. If you are interested in surprising a friend or a family member with a new vehicle for a birthday or holiday, this will take more preparation than your average gift. Here are some steps for preparing a surprise vehicle present for a loved one. Read More 

Loading A Storage Trailer Properly

10 November 2015
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If you are planning on moving and you are going to be using a storage trailer, you will want to take steps in filling it properly. Weight will need to be distributed evenly so your items stay secure and at less risk for damage while being transported to their new home. Packaging items properly is also important. Here are some tips to follow when loading your rented storage trailer. Prepare The Furniture Read More 

3 Things You Should Do Before Putting Your Belongings In Long Term Storage

29 October 2015
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Putting things in long-term storage can be a great way to protect you precious items. Many people store things when they move, while they build a house, or even if they just need more space outside their current home. However, if you don't properly store these items you could easily damage them beyond repair. Here are a couple things you need to know when storing certain items. 1. Control The Climate Read More 

Three Tips To Optimize The Security Of A Storage Locker

21 August 2015
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When you put your belongings in a highly secure storage facility, you might think that all of your work is done. This is simply not the case. Thieves do break in to storage facilities from time to time, and when they do, you need to make sure that you have taken your security measures to back up what your facility does for you.  Choose an Interior Storage Locker If you are parking a boat, you will need to choose an outside locker so that you have room to maneuver a truck and trailer. Read More 

3 Reasons To Use A Storage Unit In Your Disaster Preparations

11 August 2015
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Preparing for a disaster typically means determining the best ways to store your supplies safely until they are needed. A storage unit can be one of the most useful additions to a disaster plan because it can offer units of multiple sizes, security, and climate-controlled spaces.  Units Of Multiple Sizes One of the things that makes a storage unit a great addition to a survival or bug out plan is that it can offer you the right unit for the amount and type of supplies that you are planning on storing due to the many sizes that a storage facility can offer. Read More