How To Set Up A Surprise Car Purchase

16 December 2015
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If you have ever seen the social media photographs or the videos of people being surprised with cars, you may wonder how you can pull something like that off. If you are interested in surprising a friend or a family member with a new vehicle for a birthday or holiday, this will take more preparation than your average gift. Here are some steps for preparing a surprise vehicle present for a loved one.

Step 1: Buy a car before the holidays

If you are surprising a family member with a car for a holiday such as Christmas, you should look for the car well in advance of the holiday time. Holidays are often busy times for dealerships and, as such, there may be much less room for negotiation. Also, finding the right car can take a few weeks if you wish to gift a specific vehicle. Start the car shopping several months in advance to find the right fit and get it customized.

Step 2: Register the vehicle

If you are giving the vehicle has a gift, the vehicle will likely not be registered in the person's name until after they find out about the gift. For this reason, it is best to register the vehicle in your name, then have it transferred once the vehicle is formally gifted. Be aware that, depending on the amount of the vehicle's worth, you may be responsible for paying taxes on the gift. Make sure the car is registered and has proper insurance, even though it will not be driven until gifted.

Step 3: Store the car

If the person that you are gifting is a friend or family member, you will need a place to store the car. Rent a car storage space so that you can comfortably park the car with no risk of damage. Choose covered car storage so that the vehicle is away from any weather elements. Storage that is properly temperature controlled will make sure that the car is in mint condition when you take it home as a gift.

Step 4: Find a car bow

Car bows are unlike regular bows for average sized gifts. Car bows can be up to several feet in size and they are often magnetic so that they can stick to the vehicle while driving. Add the car bow as a finishing touch on the top of the vehicle, then drive the car over for the surprise. The bow will make it clear that the car is a gift and not just an unknown vehicle parked in the front of the party area.