Three Tips To Optimize The Security Of A Storage Locker

21 August 2015
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When you put your belongings in a highly secure storage facility, you might think that all of your work is done. This is simply not the case. Thieves do break in to storage facilities from time to time, and when they do, you need to make sure that you have taken your security measures to back up what your facility does for you. 

Choose an Interior Storage Locker

If you are parking a boat, you will need to choose an outside locker so that you have room to maneuver a truck and trailer. Similarly, if you are storing a large piece of construction equipment or another large object, you might have to take an outside locker simply because it won't fit through the exterior door to the building that houses the inside lockers. On the other hand, if you have items that you can easily transport by hand or with the aid of a dolly, then you should ask for an interior locker. This will put the gate to the facility, the door to the building that houses the inside lockers, and the door to your particular unit, in the way of a thief. 

Choose Your Lock Carefully

A lock with a long, narrow shackle—the part that fits through the bolt on your locker—may be easier to work with than a lock with a thick, short shackle, but the short shackle will make it hard for a thief to fit bolt cutters around your lock. Ideally, there should not be enough shackle to get to with bold cutters, and your thief will simply move on. 

Pack Your Belongings Strategically

Placing a gate and two locked doors in the way of a thief is a good first step, but you can still do more. Supposing that a thief does manage to open your locker, you should place any valuables you have at the back of your locker, then place objects with a lesser value in the front of the locker. Thus, if thieves do open the door to your locker, the thief will see nothing of value and move on. Especially if your locker is in a well lit location that is easily covered by cameras, thieves won't have time to dig through your locker to find your valuables. 

You should choose your storage facility as if the manager of the facility is solely in charge of security, but choose, pack, and lock up your locker as if your are the one in charge. After all, the harder you make it for a thief to get into your locker, the less likely a thief is to target you. Talk to a local facility, like Capitol City Storage, about any security concerns.