3 Reasons To Use A Storage Unit In Your Disaster Preparations

11 August 2015
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Preparing for a disaster typically means determining the best ways to store your supplies safely until they are needed. A storage unit can be one of the most useful additions to a disaster plan because it can offer units of multiple sizes, security, and climate-controlled spaces. 

Units Of Multiple Sizes

One of the things that makes a storage unit a great addition to a survival or bug out plan is that it can offer you the right unit for the amount and type of supplies that you are planning on storing due to the many sizes that a storage facility can offer. For example, a storage facility can offer you a small unit that is about the size of a linen closet that is perfect for storing a duffel bag filled with emergency supplies if you cannot reach your primary supply cache.

In addition, a storage facility can also offer you much larger units that you can utilize as your primary supply cache for your disaster plan. Some of the larger storage units will often be about the size of a normal garage, which will not only allow you to store large amounts of food and water, but they will also allow you to store a bug out vehicle that you can use to evacuate the city.


Another thing that you must take into consideration when creating a survival plan and determining where to keep your supplies is security. This is very important as you will want to be confident of the fact that your supplies will still be in place and ready for use when a disaster strikes. Thankfully, storage facilities can assist you with this by offering varying levels of security that will keep your supplies and property safe.

For example, most storage facilities will have restricted access due to a large fence or wall with barbed wire to keep trespassers off of the property, while also incorporating around-the-clock surveillance. In some cases, the most secure storage facilities will add on-site security guards who will patrol the facility regularly.

Climate-Controlled Spaces

Finally, you will also want to consider a storage unit because many disaster supplies are going to need a climate-controlled space in order to remain in usable shape. For example, many types of medical supplies and survival rations need to be stored in a cool location because high heat levels can ruin them. Many storage facilities offer units that allow you to completely control the climate within your own unit.

Visit a storage facility today in order to determine if the available units would make a good fit for your disaster plan. A storage unit like All American Mini Storage can provide you with a secure, versatile, and climate-controlled space for your disaster supplies and equipment.