Loading A Storage Trailer Properly

10 November 2015
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If you are planning on moving and you are going to be using a storage trailer, you will want to take steps in filling it properly. Weight will need to be distributed evenly so your items stay secure and at less risk for damage while being transported to their new home. Packaging items properly is also important. Here are some tips to follow when loading your rented storage trailer.

Prepare The Furniture

Wrap your furniture to help protect it from scraping against other items while moving in the storage trailer. Use furniture pads, stretch wrap, or furniture covers to completely cover wood and glass so it doesn't become damaged in the move. If there are protrusions on a piece of furniture, cover them by taping towels or blankets over them to help protect any items stacked nearby. Place a furniture pad on the floor of the trailer to help give furniture a bit more cushioning.

Add Heavy Items

Place the heaviest items you are moving in the storage trailer before anything else. Place items like refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, washers, driers, couches, or china cabinets against the wall furthest from the opening of the storage trailer. Continue with the next row of heavy items such as chairs, dressers, tables, bed frames or mattresses by placing them along the side walls of the trailer. Try to place items of even weights on each side of the trailer. For example, if you are placing a washing machine along the back wall toward one side of the truck, place a dryer or dishwasher along the other side so the weight will keep the trailer level as it moves.

Fill In Spaces

Add packed boxes between the heavier items to give them some cushioning and stability. Place heavier items into smaller boxes so they can be lifted easier. Lighter items can go in larger boxes. When stacking boxes, place the heaviest ones on the bottom tier. Since the heavier boxes are smaller, you can try placing two or three heavy smaller boxes next to each other and stack a larger lighter box on top.

Loading straps can be placed inside the storage trailer by hooking them to loops mounted on the walls, ceiling and floor. When tightening straps, allow them to rest flush against items instead of squeezing them. 

Protect Fragile Items

To keep breakables intact, use plenty of cushioning around them before placing them into containers. Use plastic storage containers instead of cardboard boxes. Wrap each fragile item with newspaper or bubble wrap, place in the container, and surround with packing peanuts.

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