Online Auction Inventory Organization And Storage

31 March 2015
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There are thousands of Americans using online auction websites to earn a living or to bring in some extra income each month. Are you considering getting started with becoming an auction seller? Do you worry that you won't have the space to store the items you put up for sale? Well, here, you will learn how to organize a self-storage unit at a place like Statewide Self Storage for easy access and storage of your inventory.

Take Pictures

Take high-resolution pictures of each item. These pictures will be used for your online listings, so be sure to capture images of all sides of each item.

Use Inventory Numbers

Give each item an inventory number as you photograph it. As you save the image to your computer, use the inventory number along with a short description of the item. These inventory numbers are important for optimum organization and to avoid sending buyers the wrong items.

Package the Items

Before you take your inventory to the storage unit, package it for shipping. Be sure that each item is properly packaged to ensure nothing gets damaged while being transported to the buyer.

Tip: Anything that has batteries should always have the batteries removed before you package it up. Any liquids should be packed in air-tight plastic bags and breakable items should be labeled "fragile."

Box the Inventory

As you box the inventory to take it to the storage unit, give each box a number. As you put an item in the box, create an inventory list. Include the inventory number of the item and the box number.

Prepare the Storage Unit

Now that things are ready to go into the storage unit, you must prepare the storage unit for your inventory. Some storage units have shelving units already in place, while others are simply an open space. Invest in some easy set-up shelving units to position along the walls of the unit. Buy a few more shelving units that are on wheels to use in the center area of the unit. Number each shelving unit.

Organize the Inventory

As you carry each box into the storage unit, create one more master list of your inventory. Write down the box number and the shelving number where the box was placed. Items that you know may take longer to sell should be stored on the back wall shelves and items that you know will sell quickly should be stored on the easy to reach shelving. Try to keep the rolling shelving units light, so you can easily roll them out of the way as you are looking for a particular item.

Now that everything is stored away, all you have to do is focus on keeping your auctions moving. Make a trip to the storage unit a couple times each week, stick on your shipping labels and drop the items off for shipping. This will keep you organized and allow for a nice inventory of things to sell.