Can't Pay Your Storage Fees? What You Need To Know

17 April 2015
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You rented a storage container because you simply didn't have enough room for your excess tools or perhaps you are moving and needed to store items for awhile. As the months went on, you found you can no longer afford to pay the monthly fees on your storage unit. What do you need to know if you haven't paid them for awhile?

A Lien is Placed on Your Items

When you rent a storage unit, this in effect puts a lien on any personal items you are placing within your unit. This lien begins the moment you rent the unit and place your property inside. A lien means that if you default in making payments for the rental of the unit, the owners of the storage service company may seize your property and sell it at an auction to recoup their fees.

Property is Withheld

If you have not paid your rental fees, the owner of the unit may deny you access to your items until payment is made. This can happen starting at 5 days after rent is due, as is the case with Florida law, but many states wait until 30 days after rent is due.. This can be done without the owner going to court or they may decide to proceed through legal channels.

How Can the Lien be Enforced?

The owner will notify you through writing, either in person or through the mail. They may also post a written notice on the door of the storage unit itself. This will show how much you owe the company and the date when the rent was to be paid. There will be a list of what the unit holds and the contact information of the owner so you may get in touch.

If you do not get in touch with the owner to arrange a payment plan with them, the owner does have the right to sell the contents of your storage unit at an auction. This is done once the notice you received expires. The owner will then advertise the sale in local newspapers for up to 2 weeks before the sale.

You do still have a chance to claim your property and settle the debt that has been incurred. If you fail to make any contact with the owner of the storage unit however, the unit will be considered abandoned and the sale will go ahead. Some storage companies will hold any leftover proceeds of the auction for a few months to several years in case you should come and claim it. For further assistance, contact an outlet, such as Liberty Self Storage.