4 Items Which Require Special Storage

26 June 2015
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Climate-controlled self-storage is a feature that is sometimes taken for granted. Whether or not you realize it, climate-controlled storage helps to maintain the integrity of many of your favorite stored items. If you are preparing to pack up some of your belongings for storage, here are some that need to be placed into a climate-controlled unit. 

Stamp Collection

Depending on the area in which you live, humidity could potentially be a problem for your stamp collection while in storage. The extra moisture in the atmosphere can cause the stamps to become wet and lead to curling. As a result, the value of your stamps can suffer. In a climate-controlled environment, you do not have to worry about the humidity impacting your stamps nor their value. 

Wooden Objects

Wooden objects, especially furniture, can start to warp from the humidity in a regular storage unit. In some cases, the wood can even rot or crack, which could render the object useless. Since a climate-controlled unit is kept at comfortable temperature levels, the integrity of your wooden objects would be preserved. 

Wine Collection

If you are a wine collector, you should know the importance of maintaining a consistent temperature for your bottles. If the temperature in storage is too hot, your wine could become spoiled and flat and lose its flavor. If the temperature is too cold, the wine can start to freeze. As it freezes, the liquid starts to expand and could push the cork out of position, which leads to exposure to the air. Fluctuations between hot and cold temperatures could leave your wine collection a horrible mess. A climate-controlled environment ensures your wine is safe from the elements. 

Musical Instruments

The quality of your musical instrument could be hurt if it is not placed in a climate-controlled storage. For instance, a trumpet stored in a humid environment can start to rust from the excessive moisture in the air. As a result, not only is the instrument's structural integrity compromised, but it renders it useless to you. Even if you are storing a guitar, the humidity can be harmful and cause the strings to snap. With a wooden guitar, you also have the added worry of the wood warping or cracking. 

There are many other items that would benefit from being stored in a climate-controlled environment. Talk to a  self-storage service like North Star Mini Storage to determine what would be the best unit for your belongings.