Self-Storage Tips For Packing And Protection

22 July 2015
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There are many times in life where you may need some extra storage and will need a storage unit. When you store your belongings in a storage unit, you will want to make sure that you do it correctly so that your things are not damaged and so that you can access them when needed. Below are a few different tips that you can employ when packing a storage unit so that you can get the most out of the space and keep your belongings safe from damage. 

1. Packing the Unit. When packing the storage unit, you will want to ensure that you do it in an efficient manner. This step is especially important if you plan on retrieving items from the storage unit while in use. There are three important aspects of packing a storage unit that can help you.

a. Utilizing all the Space. You will want to make sure that you utilize the space that is given. This will mean stacking boxes to the ceiling, using appliances, drawers and cupboards to hold linens or boxes, and collapsing legs on tables and collapsing other pieces of furniture.

b. Make an Aisle. Because you will need to access the storage unit to retrieve some belongings, it is important to leave an aisle. This will allow you to get to the back of the unit and find what you need. Most people will just pack everything to the brim and will have to climb over boxes and empty the storage unit just to find something they need.

c. Label Everything. When searching for items, it will be a lot easier to find if the boxes are labeled. When you label the boxes, make sure that it will be in a place that is seen when it is packed. You may want to label it a couple of times so that it can be seen from the sides, the top or the bottom.

2. Protect your Items. Storage units can leak water, get extremely hot and cold, and be susceptible to other harsh weather conditions. You will want to make sure you wrap important items in plastic. Items that can be scratched should also be protected with blankets or other cloth. You will also want a heavy-duty lock that cannot be easily cut. This will ensure your belongings are secure and protected.   

When you put your items in a storage unit, you want them to be as safe as possible and as accessible as possible. By using the above tips, you will make sure that is the case.