3 Tips For Storing Your Taxidermy Collection

31 January 2016
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For many hunters, your taxidermy trophies can be very important to you. It shows off the numerous hours you've spent sitting in the woods and fields watching your prey. It also shows off how good of a hunter you are. As the upcoming hunting season approaches, you want to make sure you have room to hang your latest prizes. To do this, you will need to store your previous years trophies. Unfortunately, your taxidermy collection can't just be stored anywhere. To keep your one of a kind collection in great condition, here are some tips for storing your taxidermy. 

Avoid Direct Sunlight

The sun can wreak havoc on your taxidermy collection. If the items are exposed to sunlight, the skin and fur can begin to fade over time. Since most rooms have windows, even your basement and attic could have windows exposing your collection to sunlight, you should consider keeping it in a climate controlled storage facility. This will help protect them from sunlight so that the fur and skin remain the exact color they've always been. 

Keep Pests Away

Not only do you want to protect your collection from sunlight, but it is also important to keep it away from pests as well. Your taxidermy can attract mice, moths, roaches, and more. To help safeguard your trophies, consider storing them in wood crates. This can be done by screwing the mount to one side of the crate so that it cannot move freely. Adding silica gel packets to the case will help keep the insect and rodents away without harming your trophies. 

Choose Climate Controlled

While storing your taxidermy collection in a self storage company is important, you want to make sure it is climate controlled to properly preserve it for the long haul. If your storage facility offers vaulted storage as an option, this will be your best chance at preserving your trophies. This allows your items to be packaged properly then placed on a rack where they are monitored often to ensure they are free from damage and dust. A common climate controlled storage facility will work well too. Check to make sure the facility is well secured so you don't run the risk of having your collection stolen. For best preservation, you want to keep your mounts in a facility with the temperature between 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. You also want to be careful that it does not get too humid in the facility as this can cause the mount to swell, whereas low humidity could end up drying it out.