Planning A Long Trip And Putting Your Car In Storage? Tips For Keeping It In Good Condition

9 March 2016
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If you are planning to be away for some time and leaving a car behind, you should consider putting it in storage instead of leaving it in your driveway if you do not have a garage. Below are some tips on keeping your car in good condition while it is in storage so it will be ready for you when you take it out.

Storing a Car

Many storage facilities have an indoor garage to keep your car so that it is completely protected from the elements. 

The storage facility may also have extra parking places to park your car in, which is likely less expensive than covered storage. If you choose this, you should purchase a cover for your car to offer it some protection from the elements. Things like bird droppings can damage the paint on your car in only a few days.

Getting the Car Ready

If your car has not had an oil change in a while, take it in for one. Having fresh oil in your car will prevent corrosion inside the engine. This is because old oil has acids that causes damage. To prevent gasoline breakdown, which can damage the fuel line, use a fuel stabilizer. You should also fill up the gas tank, to keep out airspace, which can lead to rust and moisture. Remove the spark plugs to prevent corrosion. 

Clean the underside of your car from any tar, grease, or mud, as these things can cause corrosion and rust. Give your car a good coat of wax for even more protection.

If you are going to be away for a few months, ask a friend to come to the facility and drive your car periodically to keep the battery from going bad.

Pests will find their way into your car if you leave them any food. Make sure you vacuum the interior thoroughly to remove any food crumbs. To keep rodents out, seal the openings, such as the engine air intake, fresh area intake, and the tail pipe using aluminum foil. Spread some mothballs inside your car as further prevention.

Make sure the brake fluid is clear. If it is not, then it is dirty and should be flushed and new fluid added. Dirty brake fluid will absorb moisture and cause your brakes to rust.

Call your insurance company before you leave to see if your policy covers the things you put in storage just in case something does happen while you are gone. For more information, talk to a storage center like Guardian Self Storage.