Tips For Storing Clothing At Your Storage Unit

29 March 2016
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Whether you like to change your sizable wardrobe with each changing season or you just have an abundance of clothing, you might be having trouble storing all your apparel at home. Don't make the mistake of cramming these items into boxes and stowing them in your attic or basement -- when they're inaccessible in this manner, you might feel resistant to use them. Instead, think about a storage facility near your home. By renting a unit of a size that suits you, you'll be able to easily store these garments and they'll be easy to retrieve whenever you need them. As you prepare to relocate part of your wardrobe, keep these storage tips in mind.

Rolling Can Save Space

It's a worthwhile investment to buy a bunch of plastic tubs with lids that you can stack as high as you want. You can then use these containers to roll, rather than fold, your clothing items. Although it might not seem conventional, rolling everything from pants to sweaters to dresses is effective because it can significantly save space. Additionally, items that are rolled and left in the unit for a long time will often need little or no ironing -- and the same can't be said about clothing that is folded.

Hang Items With Care

Hanging some clothing items can also be a space-saving idea. You can either use garment boxes with built-in hanging rods or even buy a couple tension rods that you can quickly mount in your unit. By hanging clothing at the back of the unit, it won't be in the way when you enter the space and, provided you leave an access path, you'll have no trouble retrieving what you need. Be cautious about what you hang, especially if you're doing so for a prolonged period. Many materials such as wool can be predisposed to stretching, especially if the garments are heavy. You might return to the unit to find a snug-fitting sweater stretched beyond the point that you can wear it.

Opt For A Climate-Controlled Unit If Storing Fur

If you plan to store some fur coats during the summer when you don't need them, it's a good idea to invest in renting a climate-controlled unit. Fur tends to last longest when it's stored in an area at less than 55 degrees Fahrenheit and at a humidity of between 45 and 55 percent. Many storage facilities rent space where you can control these factors, so make sure to take this approach if you have fur.

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