Protecting Your Storage Unit From The Elements

3 June 2016
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If you're using a self storage unit year round, then you might want to take extra care to protect your items against the elements. Both hot and cold temperatures can affect the way your storage unit operates. Here are some tips for weather-proofing your self storage unit. 

Use Pallets Liberally

The first thing to consider is putting everything on pallets. In the winter, there may be ice slicks or snow that melts and comes under the door, potentially causing damage to your boxes by getting them wet. If you keep everything on a pallet, it will be less vulnerable to the ground temperature conditions as well as these spills. As an added bonus, it can help you to more easily access your boxes in frigid temperatures, since you can just slide away the pallets you don't need to access on your visit. 

Consider Temperature Changes

When you're packing your items, it's important to consider both hot and cold temperatures' effects on your items. For instance, are you storing anything that states it should be kept at room temperature? Consider how you can minimize temperature changes for these items. Keeping them in temperature insulated boxes can help, but you should also consider whether these items are worth saving. A can of chemicals that explodes and ruins some of your other stored items may not be worth it. 

Some items, though, simply need a little bit of extra TLC for self storage; if you're storing glass items, make sure that they are thoroughly padded and taped to help reduce the pressure of temperature changes throughout the year. You may also need to make sure that the unit is heavily temperature controlled if you're storing glass, but taking these precautions is good in case of a temperature malfunction. 

Carry Sand With You

In the winter, carrying sand with you is another quick tip for your own safety. If your storage unit is outside, the exterior may not be as well maintained as the interiors and you can't always expect the lead-up to your storage unit to be well-maintained; take sand for traction just in case. 

Wrap Everything

It can also be helpful to wrap everything you can to protect it from insects. Hotter temperatures can bring unwanted critters into your storage unit, and having boxes wrapped helps to ensure that they don't get into your boxes (and then perish there when the seasons change again). 

Talk to a storage facility, like Chestnut Mill Storage, for more help.